Guatemala - Semana Santa, Antiqua

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During colorful "Semana Santa" (Saints week) in Antigua, Guatemala   luxurious alfombras  adorn the cobbled streets between processions.  Families and friends begin preparations weeks and months ahead of the festival to create these vibrant and intricately patterned carpets.  They are made of dyed sawdust in hues of black, red, yellow, purple, blue, and green.  They are pressed through intricately designed cardboard stencils.  Flowers, seeds, plants, vegetables, and pine needles add the final touches to these temporary works of art.  The carpets' designs reflect biblical symbols, Mayan traditions, and scenes from nature.   The beautiful carpets are trampled by the processions, as a way to honor Christ's death.<br />
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Antigua, a colonial town, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.